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Each project we work on is aimed at providing our clients with exceptional service. Let us make a positive impact on your community. We focus on delivering first-class, value engineered construction services. Having an industry-leading procurement network is one of our core commitments to our clients and partners.

Our primary objective is to offer our clients an exceptional level of service. Our focus is on delivering high-quality value-engineered construction services, which are designed to meet the unique requirements of each project.

As part of our commitment to our clients and partners, we have established an industry-leading procurement network, which enables us to effectively source the best materials, equipment, and resources necessary for each project’s successful completion.

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Multi-Family Residential Projects

  • Development Management
  • Pre-Construction Management
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Consultancy
  • General Contracting
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Multi-Family Residential Projects


Location: 1515 5 St SW, Calgary, AB
Structure: Wood Frame
Consultant: NORR Architects
Status: Completed

Project Size:

5 Storey Residential Buildings
52 Residential Condominiums (1 & 2 bedroom)
12,500 SF Retail Area (Main Level)
32,700 SF Residential Area
34 Underground Parking Stalls


Location: 5275 Chappelle Rd SW, Edmonton, AB
Structure: Wood Frame
Consultant: Q4 Architect
Status: Under Construction

Project Size:
15 Townhome Buildings
134 Residential Suites (1, 2 & 3 bedroom)

179,529 SF Total Gross Floor Area


Location: 1001 8 St SE, Calgary, AB
Structure: Concrete
Consultant: NORR Architects
Status: Under Construction
Project Size:

6 Storey plus Rooftop
1 Level of Underground Parking
102 Residential Suites (1,2 & 3 bedroom)
90,192 SF Total Gross Floor Area
76,256 SF Residential Area


Location: 909 5 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Structure: Concrete/Steel

Consultant: MC+A (Manu Chugh Architect)

Status: Completed

Project Size:

10 Storey Concrete and Steel Structure

Main Floor – Retail Space 9,130 SF

Second Floor – Commercial Space 13,767 SF

Third to Tenth Floor – Converted Office Space to Residential 88,553 SF


Location: 1730 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore, AB
Structure: Wood Frame
Consultant: MTA Architects
Status: Under Construction

Project Size:

4.5 Storey Wood frame Structure
1 Level of Underground Parking
101 Residential Condos (81+20 Lock-Off Suites)
91,827 SF Total Gross Area
Outdoor Hot Tub and Swimming Pool 


Location: Orchards, Edmonton
Structure: Wood frame
Consultant: Q4 Architect
Status: Under Construction
Project Size:
8 Stacked Townhome Buildings
100 Residential Suites (1, 2 & 3 bedroom)

134,000 SF Total Gross Area


Location: 14904 125th Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

Structure: Wood Frame

Consultant: Steven Ho Architecture Inc.

Status: Under Construction


Project Size:

4 Storey Wood Frame Structure
100 Residential Suites (Studio, 1 & 2 bedroom)
82,485 SF Total Gross Area


Location: 1736 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore, AB

Structure: Wood Frame

Consultant: MTA Architects

Status: Under Construction


Project Size:

4.5 Storey (4 Levels & 1 Loft)
1 Level Underground Parking
73 Units + 25 Lock-Off Suites (1, 2, 3 & 4 Bedroom)
86,074 SF Gross Floor Area
Large Pool, Hot Tub & Barrel Sauna


Location: 900 Railway Ave Canmore, AB
Structure: Wood Frame
Consultant: MTA Architects
Status: Under Construction


Project Size:

5 Storey

Parking at Main Level

61 Residential Suites

49,783 SF Gross Floor Area

940 SF Commercial Space


Location: 8722 227A Street NW, Edmonton, AB
Structure: Wood Frame
Consultant: Spatial Dynamics
Status: Under Construction

Project Size:

8 Stacked Townhomes

108 Residential Suites

104,429 SF Gross Floor Area


Location: 313 Granville Drive NW, Edmonton, AB
Structure: Wood Frame
Consultant: Claroscuro Architecture
Status: Under Construction

Project Size:

13 Stacked Townhomes
92 Residential Suites (1, 2 & 3 Bedroom)
184,248 SF Gross Floor Area


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Ash Mahmoud



Ash holds a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering from the American University in Cairo, as well as a Graduate Diploma of Construction Management from Heriot-Watt University. He received his PMP certification in 2005 and has accumulated more than 24 years of experience in Real Estate Development and Construction. Ash has been instrumental in spearheading numerous projects across Canada and the Middle East, exhibiting his expertise in handling projects from their conceptualization to their completion.


His portfolio includes managing over 7,000 multi-family and commercial unit projects in Canada, ranging from new constructions to conversions. His vast experience encompasses mid-rise wood frame buildings, high-rise towers, townhomes, and even 3 malls. Ash’s unwavering commitment, extensive experience, and broad knowledge have earned him a well-respected status within the construction community. His passion for the field led him to establish Cairo Development, where he heads a team of professionals dedicated to delivering innovative ideas that provide a positive impact on lifestyle and the community at large, while generating significant revenue streams for clients.


Ash’s ultimate goal is not only to meet but to exceed his clients; expectations, an intrinsic value of Cairo Development. His rich experience in construction enables him to pivot seamlessly and guide his team to tackle project challenges while keeping construction schedules and budgets on track. Working closely with clients, he offers expert guidance to maximize their project’s profitability while ensuring that their contributions are innovative and beneficial to the urban landscape.

David Campbell

Vice President, Construction Edmonton


David is a highly qualified individual with a strong background in Design, Development & Project Management, particularly in large- & small-scale multi-family commercial and residential construction. He holds a master’s degree in Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California, a Red Seal Journeyman Certificate, and is also a Passive House Certified Builder.


David’s expertise extends to energy-saving techniques, including the Passive House initiative, and he has worked on a range of projects encompassing both wood-frame and concrete constructions. He has extensive experience in the conversion of commercial projects, as well as new construction of multi-family, commercial, and infill townhome & single-family residential projects, handling them from concept through completion.

With more than 18 years of experience in the construction industry, David is highly respected in the Edmonton market. He has built a strong reputation among City officials, Consultants, Developers, Clients, Suppliers and Trade Contractors, who have recognized his knowledge and experience.


David is passionate about sustainable multi-family and redevelopment projects and is committed to his client’s needs. He encourages open dialogue and works tirelessly to realize their vision. Over the years, David has effectively managed over 80 projects, collaborating with multiple site teams, suppliers, trade contractors, consultants, and city officials, all in fast-paced environments, with no lost time accidents.

Paul Wright

Vice President, Construction Calgary


Paul has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. His career began with working on the tools, and then he progressed to consulting in the contaminated land sector, Estimating, and Project Management. Paul has worked on a diverse range of sectors, including High Rise Residential, High-Rise Hotel, Heritage Renovation, Hospitality Industry, Education, and Health Care. He has also been involved in projects that were LEED certified.


Throughout his career, Paul has worked on projects ranging in size from $1m to $210m, which have involved multifaceted layers. In addition, he has expertise in managing the transitional cohabitation between ongoing construction and onboarding of operations, particularly in the hotel sector. This requires an exceptional level of communication and coordination to enable construction to continue
while allowing operations to proceed without interruption.


Paul strongly advocates that two factors must be established from the outset of any project –
communication and transparency. Failure to instill these qualities in the project team from day one will inevitably result in numerous speed bumps along the way, most of which could be avoided if everyone on the team is open and honest. This approach also establishes a good relationship between the project team.


In addition, Paul emphasizes the importance of attention to detail. From conception, during the course of construction, to the deficiency program and ultimately handing over a building, it is critical to ensure that everyone is proud to be a part of.

Scott Balkwill

Director, Technical Services


Scott possesses over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, where he has played a pivotal role in the successful completion of more than 3 million square feet of space and over 2500 units. His expansive knowledge base has endowed him with a comprehensive understanding of the construction process for both Type One (Concrete) and Type Five (Wood) buildings, as well as commercial and tenant


Throughout his career, Scott has worked on a variety of projects across Canada, ranging from entry-level housing to multi-building high-rise complexes, office to residential conversions, and health care construction. He is adept in the areas of management, communication, liaison with municipal officials, procurement, and construction, which has enabled him to establish and maintain strong relationships within project teams.


As a project manager, Scott provides effective leadership, guidance, and support to all project
management teams, fostering a collaborative environment that ensures timely project delivery at high quality, while adhering to applicable health and safety standards. He has exceptional skills in managing schedules, controlling costs, and estimating functions, and is highly proficient in working with cross-functional teams to execute construction projects throughout their full life cycle.

Lisa Steward

Director of Operations


Lisa manages the operations of Cairo Development, overseeing various aspects such as Contract Life
Cycle and Legal Reviews, Asset Management, Quality Assurance, Workflow Processes, and Document Control. Her contributions are integral to the company-wide initiative of establishing a sustainable corporate structure that provides unparalleled client experiences.


With over 20 years of experience in construction management, Lisa has worked on a range of
commercial and custom residential projects across Canada and the United States. Her extensive
experience has equipped her with comprehensive knowledge of the construction process and best


Lisa has earned a degree in Business Administration with Honours, as well as certification in Early Elementary Studies and completion of a Construction Contract Law program. Her professional background includes Contract Management, Client Relations, Project Management, Procurement, Quality Assurance, Team Management, Trade Partnerships, and Cost Control.

Curtis Tarapaski

Senior Director, Construction


Curtis is a seasoned construction professional with more than 27 years of experience spanning a diverse array of projects, from large-scale commercial retail construction to intricate residential complexes. Having achieved a Gold Seal Certificate in General Contracting Project Management and LEAN Green Belt Certification, he brings a wealth of expertise and proficiency to every endeavour.

As Senior Director of Construction at Cairo Development, he oversees a broad scope of responsibilities, from strategic planning and budget management to ensuring adherence to rigorous quality control standards. His leadership is characterized by a keen focus on fostering collaborative environments and driving teams towards shared objectives.

Curtis’s commitment to excellence extends beyond his professional roles. He is dedicated to ongoing education and professional development. This dedication reflects his passion for staying abreast of industry trends and best practices, ensuring that he remains at the forefront of his field.

Throughout his career, Curtis has held pivotal roles in the construction industry such as Director, Project Manager, and Superintendent, where he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Notable highlights from Curtis’s portfolio include the management of multi-million-dollar projects, new construction, encompassing renovations and tenant improvements.In every project, Curtis’s leadership shines through, driving teams toward excellence while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results and a commitment to continuous improvement, Curtis is a trusted partner in achieving construction success.

Pegah Jazaeri

Senior Manager, Business Development & Pre-Construction


Pegah holds a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering and an MBA and has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry, progressively taking on various roles such as estimating, pre-construction, business development, quality control, and project engineering. She has demonstrated a proven track record of delivering results in each of these capacities. Her extensive work experience and education have enabled her to be highly analytical, with the ability to analyze market trends and customer needs to identify new opportunities.


She is responsible for overseeing all business development activities, including but not limited to, estimating and budgeting, constructability, benchmarking, developing project proposals, and managing client, consultant, and stakeholder relationships from the initial proposal/opportunity stage until contract agreement.


Pegah’s attention to detail is reflected in her ability to provide precise project estimates and forecasts, taking into account project specifications and identifying alternative materials that can result in overall cost savings. She proactively identifies opportunities that align with project requirements, developing value engineering solutions that lead to measurable reductions in project costs. She is results-driven, with a track record of delivering on revenue and growth targets. Pegah is highly motivated and is always looking for new ways to drive growth and success for our organization.

Sarah Lange

Director, Human Resources


Sarah is a highly skilled and experienced HR professional with expertise that includes HR model
transformation/implementation, performance & succession management, strategic planning, and
governance. She is a skilled communicator and project manager with experience in HR systems design &
implementation, creating intentional and inclusive employee experiences, and creating foundational HR
frameworks in start-up and early-stage organizations.

With over a decade of experience in various HR delivery models and industries, Sarah has developed deep expertise and knowledge across all areas of Human Resources. She is passionate about HR
digitization, HR’s shared ownership of brand & Marketing initiatives, policy development to support strategic organizational development & governance, and the impact of the holistic employee experience on the success of the organization. Furthermore, she possesses expertise in board governance and has garnered extensive experience in measuring the impacts and evaluating opportunities of HR practices in non-profit organizations.

Sarah has a proven track record of digital system implementation & delivery to support organizational
excellence including multiple HR-specific, enterprise, and proprietary solutions. Her expertise lies in
leading the formation of entire HR functions including creating the processes, systems, and solutions to support a best-in-class HR service delivery and employee experience. Her passion for creating community extends beyond the traditional realm of HR and into philanthropy, sponsorship and community engagement. She chooses to lend her expertise only to organizations seeking to “do
business differently”, volunteering extensively in the social services sector and strongly advocating for
the BCorp and JUST 2.0 movements, among others.

Sarah holds the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM-SCP) certification and the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation. She also has a Human Resources Management certificate from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

Jim Bullock

Regional Safety Manager


Jim directs, develops and oversees the Health and Safety Policies and procedures of the company, ensuring the workplace is in compliance with all governing bodies and local regulators. He is responsible for implementing Health & Safety program throughout our company, from our own employees to subcontractors, consultants, and visitors. He also oversees incident investigations when required and has introduced new policies and procedures to ensure compliance with changing legislation and regulations.


His extensive experience has enabled him to work collaboratively with senior management, consultants, city officials, and other authorities, on a broad range of projects in British Columbia and Alberta.


Jim has developed and trained NCSO’s on-site work activities and stressed the importance of considering the protection of the public at all times. Ensuring the safety of all my colleagues has always been my top priority, and I am known for my excellent leadership skills, calm demeanor, and patience in difficult situations throughout my career.

Jeffrey Watts

Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives


As Senior Director of Operational Excellence and Planning, Jeffrey leverages his extensive experience to lead strategic business initiatives, develop annual operating plans, and oversee projects of varying complexity.

Jeffrey holds a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Construction Engineering and Management from Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland. He has built an illustrious 34-year career in the construction industry marked by a string of remarkable projects in the United Kingdom and Western Canada, spanning public, commercial, residential, and retail sectors.
Notable projects in the United Kingdom include an award-winning mixed-use residential building in London, a $217 million hospital development in Glasgow and a veterinary school at the University of Edinburgh, which was completed with zero deficiencies at substantial performance.


Jeff also has considerable experience as a project director and director of construction, successfully managing multifaceted projects across Western Canada. These projects include affordable housing, senior housing, high-end residences, schools, a casino and a mall, ranging in value $5 million – $550 million. His unique blend of technical expertise and managerial acumen consistently delivers outstanding results.

Kevin Kazan

Project Manager


Kevin is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry. He has a
proven track record in wood frame construction, Office Conversion projects, and high-rise concrete,
having contributed to the completion of over 1000 units.


Kevin’s strengths lie in his exceptional communication and collaboration skills, which enable him to effectively liaise with Trade Contractors and Suppliers, manage procurement, and oversee the construction process. By fostering strong relationships within project teams, Kevin ensures that all stakeholders are aligned and working towards a common goal, resulting in projects that are completed on time and within budget.


With a strong technical background, Kevin is adept at identifying areas for improvement and
implementing strategies to optimize project schedules, minimize disruptions, and resolve inefficient processes throughout the project lifecycle. This enables him to deliver high-quality results that exceed clients’ expectations.


Kevin is committed to ensuring that all projects are completed in compliance with applicable health and safety standards, and he possesses strong skills in managing schedules, cost control, and estimating functions. His proactive approach and unwavering attention to detail make him an invaluable asset to any construction project.

Sherif Elsayed

Senior Project Manager


Sherif is an accomplished architect and construction project manager with over 21 years of experience in the industry. His career has taken him to three continents, where he has worked on an impressive array of projects, ranging from single-family homes to large-scale commercial and industrial developments. His expertise in architectural design and construction management is highly sought after, and he has left his mark on a number of high-profile projects across the globe.


Sherif holds a 5-year university degree in architecture, and he is fluent in three languages, including English, Arabic, and Russian. With his extensive experience in the construction industry, Sherif has developed a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in designing, planning, and managing complex projects. His expertise has been honed through years of hands-on experience, having worked on projects of all sizes. He also leverages her technical expertise to oversee the design and construction process, ensuring that projects are executed according to plan and meet all applicable codes and regulations.


Sherif is passionate about his work, and he uses his extensive experience and knowledge to lead site teams and subcontractors safely and efficiently, ensuring the timely completion and delivery of high-quality buildings within budget. His dedication to his craft and his commitment to excellence have earned him a reputation as a highly respected professional in the industry.

Haneen Al Shammas

Project Manager


As a skilled Project Manager with a background in architectural, Haneen brings a unique combination of technical knowledge and project management expertise to every project. With a degree in Architectural Technology from SAIT and years of experience in the industry, Haneen is equipped to oversee every aspect of a project’s lifecycle.


Throughout her career, Haneen has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a talent for building and managing cross-functional teams, ensuring that all team members are aligned and working towards the same goals. Her ability to communicate effectively with clients, contractors, architects, and engineers has earned her a reputation for excellence in client relations.


Before being promoted to the role of Project Manager, Haneen worked as a Project Coordinator and Assistant Project Manager for Cairo Development. In these roles, she honed her skills in project planning, scheduling, and budget management. She also gained experience in coordinating with subcontractors, and vendors to ensure smooth project delivery.

Adam Woodhouse

Project Manager


Adam boasts a rich and diversified background in overseeing the successful implementation and launch of construction projects, with a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years. His expertise covers both the pre-construction and delivery phase of complex construction projects.


His profound understanding of construction intricacies enables him to comprehend the entire scope of projects, including the minutest details. Additionally, Adam possesses a commercially astute and forward-thinking approach to managing clients and stakeholders, with a proven track record of securing highly coveted and intricate projects through the tender process.


Adam is the driving force behind the successful completion of major infrastructure and residential
projects. His management skills, honed over years of experience in the construction and development industry, encompass negotiation, budgeting, analytics, operations management, real estate development, and construction management, all contributing to his consistent track record of success.


Adam’s extensive experience extends to working on alliances, joint ventures, design-build, P3, and
conventional lump-sum contracts. He has excelled in managing large capital development projects for Fortune 500 clients, overseeing hundreds of multi-phase projects with an impressive 98% on-time and under-budget delivery rate.

Jordan Movold

Construction Manager


Jordan brings over 20 years of extensive experience in the construction industry, having worked in various locations across Alberta, including Calgary, Fort McMurray, and the Okanagan. His journey in the industry started as a carpenter and progressed steadily to his current position as the Construction Manager at Cairo Developments.


Throughout his career, Jordan has honed his skills by working in different roles, including Lead Hand, Foreman, Assistant Site Superintendent, Site Superintendent, and Senior Site Superintendent. He has leveraged this wealth of experience to manage the construction of various projects, including townhomes, 5-story wood-frame condos, hotels, conversions, and high-rises in Calgary’s bustling downtown and beltline.


Notably, as a Senior Site Superintendent, Jordan has overseen the construction of several projects from inception to completion, including 4-story wood-frame buildings, 55 townhomes, and constructing a 41-story building with a six-level parkade and 379 units. Additionally, he managed a 5-story wood-frame building comprising 52 units with seven commercial real estate units on the main floor, and a parkade.


In his earlier years, Jordan played a vital role in the completion of schools and an army base in Edmonton, two Hilton hotels in Calgary and one in Airdrie, as well as multiple single-family homes in Calgary, the Okanagan, and Fort McMurray.


Jordan’s extensive experience has equipped him with the knowledge and skills to lead site teams and subcontractors safely and efficiently, ensuring timely completion and delivery of high-quality buildings within budget. His dedication to his work and commitment to excellence make him an asset to any project team.

Ewald Le Roux

Scheduling Manager


Ewald holds a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Construction Management from the University of Pretoria in South Africa and possesses more than 13 years of experience in the construction industry, with a specialization in Scheduling and Time Management for the past decade. He has an accomplished track record of scheduling numerous projects encompassing a wide range of complexities, such as high-rise buildings, hospitals, stadiums, airports, casinos, schools, residential properties, warehousing, conversions, major and value retail centers, factories, and renovations, to name a few.


Ewald has also gained extensive international exposure, having worked on projects in multiple countries, including South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mauritius, Qatar, and Canada. His proficiency in developing creative approaches to project scheduling, as well as his ability to anticipate, identify, and mitigate any issues that may arise during the execution of a project, is a testament to his wealth of knowledge and experience in the construction process.


Ewald’s superior intelligence, combined with his extensive expertise, allows him to react decisively and devise effective measures to achieve the end goals of each project. His exceptional organizational skills enable him to prioritize tasks effectively, assess and allocate resources judiciously, and ensure seamless project execution. Ewald’s unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to excellence guarantee the success of any project that he undertakes.

Paul Shannon

Scheduling Manager


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